Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Disadvantages of Fashion

There is always an advantage and disadvantage for what you do and choose. As I was talking about fashion and models even there is disadvantages in this field. Disadvantage is the fact that a model has to work at times for many hours and can be very tired, traveling from one place to another and presenting collections in different cities. A designer has also a hard work to do: he has to impress his public and attract him each period of the year. His collections have to be unique and original and catch everybody's attention. A well-known designer has to preserve his name in the world of fashion, because other and other designers come with new styles which can gain the public's interest. Likewise, a new collection implies a lot of work from the part of the people who make the clothes. There are many clothes which have to be made by hand and each and every detail can take a lot of time to be made. Therefore, these persons have to spend extra hours to finish the collection, especially when this is to appear at a certain date. 

So, if you want to choose a career in the world of fashion, you have to know that, except for success and money, this career also implies some efforts, like any other career, in fact. 

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